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Indeed the world is gradually evolving into the complete global village where virtually all interactions and transactions are done online. To ensure that the gap between advertisers and publishers in this new dispensation is bridged, while both also make an income, has launched been introduced.

Speaking to Journalists in Jos, CEO of Adslancing Mr. Oghenerobor Tutumoh explained that the adslancing site is ready and progressive. He noted with clarity the two category of people that are eligible to sign up and benefit from the initiative.

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First category are the advertisers, this category can sign up and place their ads on the site while the publishers after also signing up will be responsible for sharing these ads from their dashboard to their various social media platforms or other digital platforms.

While making his contribution, backend developer of Mr Ibrahim Jimoh, gave more clarifications on how publishers get paid and how advitisers place ads.

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According to him “Every ads that appears on the Publishers dashboard has a unique link id, when the ads appear on their dashboard, they share the links on their various platforms, the number of shares appears on their dashboard, they get paid when people click on the links considering a specific threshold. While Advertisers can sign up or login to their dashboard, click on place ads, select categories and upload.”

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According to them, have put in strategies to help businesses achieve their desired goals, whether the goal is to reach new clients, drive traffic to their websites or promote new products/services, has the capacity to deliver.

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