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Yahoo boy fashion: HOW TO DRESS LIKE A YAHOO BOY 101


Awon eni yan Gucci gucci. Sinzu money, Oluwa spender. Blowing money fast, are household slangs used to celebrate or appraise rich guys and girls without a source of lively hood, making money mainly from an illegitimate source, mostly internet scam also called cybercrime.This lot popularly known as yahoo boys, have taste in high fashion as they are wired to be attracted to the most flashy and expensive things ranging from superfast and luxurious cars, gadgets, watches, custom made jewelleries, designer shoes, clothes and a fascinating taste in women, though the fascination swings both ways.

Basically the bigger the buck determines your favourite shopping spot. The house of kuku has packaged you this article to help explore the fashion and lifestyle of yahoo boys. With various ideologies, upbringing and fashion sense the dress code for a classic yahoo boy is be the flashiest in the room so for this reason so for this reason most of them are easy to spot as we have them all around us rocking the most heard out designs like Gucci, Balanciaga, Tom ford and a long list of top mainstream designers hanging cross bag, wavy hairstyles, jerseys and jean.

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The internet gangster, Keyboard warriors”, one of the monikers for an uprising industry dominated by youths who are in no mood to waste time and chase “funds” by numerous illicit ways online. These G-boys as they are commonly described as in the street of Lagos have had a strong impact on the image of Nigerian youths on the international stage and have also managed to have a strong impact on the Nigerian Entertainment scene especially in the music industry with a few A-list

celebrities releasing music glorifying the act or referencing a few big names in the internet hustle. It is also rumoured that most of these guys run and manage labels thereby investing their “Hard earned funds” in the development of the music industry. They are also accountable for major profits declared by raving clubs, bars and lounge as they are also known to ball the hardest.

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The typical life of an average G-boy revolves around hustle and trips. They spend an awful lot of time facing the screens, chatting and conjuring new “Formats” to obtain funds from their unsuspecting “Clients”. This process may seem mundane but working hours doesn’t interrupt their in-house “Cruise”. They often work in house with enough Alcohol, Syrup, pills and Herbs” to keep them sharp between their ears and a few cloud higher than their clients or prospective clients.

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The Author of this pleasure filled working atmosphere is still a mystery to the general public but has managed to create a legacy that will outlive his anonymous identity.

  1. When they “Cash out ” they come together to celebrate at the raving clubs and lounges where they are known to spend extravagantly on drinks and luxury of women that funds can acquire. These sadly takes it toll on the boyfriends of such “Barbie’s” who end up heartbroken as their women have gone a step higher than them in the socioeconomic scale, hence the birth of the line “G-boy don collect him babe, make him self go double him hustle.
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