With 25 episodes released so far, Selina Tested, which is in its first season, has earned more than a million views per episode.

With 25 episodes released so far, Selina Tested, which is in its first season, has earned more than a million views per episode.

Movie Title Selina Tested
Producer Lightweight Entertainment
Season / Episode S01E01 – E25
Subtitle Language English
Air Date May, 2022


Social media and online streaming platforms are undoubtedly the biggest drivers of Nollywood. That Nigerian movies and TV shows have become references in the global film industry are down to their availability on social media and streaming platforms.

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Several decades ago, this was not the case when only a few Nigerian movies made it to international film festivals. However, today the ubiquitousness of the country’s films has earned them accolades and awards worldwide.

One of such films that has benefitted from the availability of streaming services and social media is the TV show “Selina Tested”.

Produced by Lightweight Entertainment, the drama series revolves around the lives of two men named Chiboy and Aboy. The show explores different vices in society. Using the medium of Pidgin English, the show dealt with themes like cultism, gun violence, drug abuse, murder, kidnapping, etc.

Aye Otto, Famous Patrick, Mc Prophet, Manuchim Praize Odogwu, Mimi Nessa, Maryland Nlerum and Wisdom Isiguzo make up the cast.

Gabriella Ogbonnaya, Gwill, Michael Abba, Sibi Steve, DJ Key, and Drela Onyema are also a part of the cast.

In the last few months, the drama series has remained on top of YouTube Nigeria’s trending list.

The Port Harcourt-based production has attracted a large and dedicated following since its release. The show has endeared itself to many viewers with its witty pidgin lines such as, “Your face show, your shoeshine.” In addition, many of its viewers can relate to it because it captures their day-to-day living on the streets of urban towns or in rural communities.

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The debut episode, released in April 2021, has garnered 1.4M YouTube views so far. Episode 20, released in January, has beaten the record, garnering 2.6M views. Episode 19 has garnered 2.5 YouTube views, and episode 21 has raked 2.9 million views.

What made Selina Test the “IT” series?

Since it started showing, Selina Tested has also garnered a following outside Youtube (where it has over 300 subscribers). In addition, the page of the TV show has over 21,000 followers on Instagram.

Here are some reasons we think Nigerians love the show.

Slangs: Trust Nigerians to become obsessed with a film with a lot of relatable slang. Nigerians love how the slang is effortlessly integrated into conversations. For example, the title of the TV show itself is slang for bulletproof.

Pidgin English: Selina Tested stands out in an industry where speaking English is the norm by opting to have all the characters’ dialogues in pidgin.

The portrayal of life on the streets: Unlike most Nigerian Tv shows that focus on middle and life and class love by posh and cultured people, Selina Tested reflects what happens on the street, giving viewers a glimpse into a different world.

Realism: Judging by other Twitter comments, it appears that every episode leaves viewers connecting with the characters, bringing a sense of realism to the fictional drama series.

Cinematography: Though the production company for Selina Test is relatively small, to a certain extent, they deliver on the special effects, camera movements, and other visual elements in the movie.

Moral lessons: Notable for the adult themes it portrays, Selina Tested occasionally finds a way to communicate a solid moral message.

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