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FUNNY PHOTO!! Which State In Nigeria Do You Think This Man Is From?😂- See His Locally Made Face Mask


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Nigerians will not kill me 😂

Well, I can’t blame him, face mask is now 400 per 1, why won’t he think of using this kind of leaf.

I know for sure that there is only one state in Nigeria this kind of thing can happen😂

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See Below:-

What kind of face mask be this now 😂😂😂

Which State In Nigeria Do You Think This Man Is From?

Me:- If I mention Oshogbo now, they will say I am abusing Oshogbo people.

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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