Did you know that listening to music has both a mental and physical impact on your body?

While most of us listen to music for entertainment, we should also know that it can help boost your overall wellbeing. From reducing stress and improving cognitive performance, to encouraging and inspiring creativity, the power of music is truly amazing.

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It shouldnโ€™t be a surprise to you that music can affect the human brain emotionally. We all have that one song that brings us to tears, at the same time as having a song that really pumps you up and gets you going again.

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In fact, researchers have even claimed that music seems to be able to affect brain function โ€œto the same extent as medication in many circumstances.โ€

Music can have a massive effect on emotions, and thatโ€™s one of the reasons why composers add music to films โ€“ they want you to feel sad, happy, angry or scared at exactly the right time.

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The question now is,

When Youโ€™re Feeling Down, Which Artisteโ€™s Music Puts You Back In A Good Mood?

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