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Weird food combinations that actually work


We’re mixing a cake one day and suddenly an idea pops into my head. “hey, how about we put a cocoa and a little coffee?”
“what?” everyone looked at me like I suggested we throw the mix away.

“if you don’t want it, I’ll use only a little part of the cake mix for my experiment”
And that I did. Don’t go overboard with the coffee, it’s bitter remember. I also didn’t mix the cocoa well, so I left little chunks in the mix.
I put cocoa and coffee in my cake mix and it tasted real nice. Different from a chocolate cake. I’m glad I did it. I know I’ll be doing it again.
I like to get creative with food and so far these are other food combinations I’ve tried that were surprisingly great.
Instead of just regular milk and milk, add a little coffee too. Coffee and tea bags don’t mix well for me, so I use only the cocoa, milk and coffee combo.

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ogi and akara
Chicken and carrots with dips

Boiled rice with milk and sugar. (rice flakes if I may)

Fried yam and meat.
This may not be new to you, but if it is, then this is a combo you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s especially great with suya.

Chocolate biscuits and bread.
Don’t look at me weird, try it.

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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