The Home of peace and Tourism of Nigeria is not only blessed with breathtaking landmarks like the Shere Hills, Jos WildLife Park, Riyom Rock Formation ETC but also preserves some specific spot for foodies. Among the best restaurants in Nigeria posing as a flagship for the Nigerian culinary industry, some iconic restaurants located in Jos holds a remarkable position on the list.

In this article, we want to recommend to you some of the best restaurants located in the capital city of Plateau state, Nigeria.

Best Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State 2022

If you decide to spend the rest of your holiday in Jos, we encourage you to try out any of these restaurants and be sure to get served with the best mix of delicacies in the country, ranging from local juice to international sauce!

This special restaurant in Jos also serves as the best place to enjoy your dinner with your partner, friend, or family. They provide anything you need cutting across not only Nigerian dishes but also including Indian to Italian, Mexican and Asian.

1. Sweet November Bistro

Top 5 Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State
Sweet November Bistro

It is a very large restaurant where customers are offered the best international dishes and they are specialized in grilling activities. And food recipe that has to do with grilling will be found at Sweet November Bistro. To us, they offer the best selection for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks. They prepare customers’ favorite grilling recipe and you can be sure to experience a great food service here.

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2. Crispan Restaurant

Top 5 Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State
Crispan Restaurant

The unusual gourmet experience to be enjoyed with every meal at the Crispan Hotel‘s Restaurant is further emphasised by its stylish interior in the spirit of functionalist architecture and complaisant waiting staff.

This is one of our favorites among all the restaurants we have seen and visit in Jos. A significant service we love about the walking restaurants is that they offer delicious, authentic food.

They also have well-trained staff and culinary personnel that attend to customers in a very friendly manner. What you get in walking is a top-notch presentation of foreign cuisine but in the way of the Nigerian capital style. Perhaps, there is a special way people in Jos choose what they like to it, but was restaurant has proven to be among the best in delivering top-quality performance in foodservice

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3. Barcardi Jos

Top 5 Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State
Barcardi Jos

We will call this a mixture of both Italian, American, Cafe, Contemporary, Diner restaurants and cafe for everyone including coffee lovers and even vegetarians. While they welcome a significant number of foreigners, it is also one of the best options for natives when it comes to restaurants in the state.

Barcardi Jos is widely known for the cool vibes and all the beautiful shady outside terrace that welcomes you to the spacy interior where you feel like you are at home!

It is a sure place in Jos to get the best breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience, this includes lots of meal on the menu that covers both local and international dishes.

4. The Net Cafe

Top 5 Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State
The Net Cafe

Lastly, on our list of the best restaurant in Jos Is the Net Cafe located 24 Ahmadu Bellow Way, Jos. It is considered as one of the best cause of its ability to deliver nice  Mexican, African, International, Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean dishes.

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They prepare world-class dishes and their menu list is seemingly impressive. You should try the Net Cafe if your cravings revolve around Mexican, African, International, Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean dishes and the likes.

5. Pizza & Ice Cream Club

Top 5 Restaurants in Jos, Plateau State
Pizza & Ice Cream Club Jos
When we have visitors in town who are lovers of pizza, we can not think of any other place to get the best pizza in Jos than the Pizza & Ice Cream Club. We love the atmosphere and vibes that this place gives its customers. They have a nice out doorview where customers while enjoying well-prepared pizza, can watch and admire the art and nature of the Enviroment. The restaurant is not far from the Jonah David Jang way.



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  2. These 5 top restaurants have given me an insight to where I should go and recommend to visitors and tourist when they come to Jos. Thank you


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