Hardly do we give credits to music producers for all the work they do behind the scenes. Some of those big tunes we have on heavy rotation would not be possible without inputs and creativity by the beatmakers. They’re mostly behind the scenes and perhaps not celebrated as much as they really deserve.

In this post, Shitoto.com hopes to shine the spotlight on the top 10 music producers in the North. The listed beatmakers have had a hand in making some of the biggest and most impactful songs in Nigeria.

Criteria for selection were dependent on current trend, number of quality songs produced and their achievements thus far.

The list goes as follows:

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Geek is just a genius when it comes to hit making in Nigeria. In lieu of the undeniable quality and production excellence from Geek, One thing is sure, long after all the overrated cacophonous producers whose music are enjoying dislocated massive airplay by our compromised VJ & DJ and discordance commercial noise have melted to ecstatic quietude of harmonious good music. Geek classics will still play on. For this isn’t just the ”out of the studio musician”, this is Geek the hit studio scientist making other producers Lilliputians.. Geek is Art. He’s responsible for ‘Human EP’ by Tree House And Basement(Him and KrissKillz), ‘Junkyard’ by King Jamez, ‘Return My Call’ by Lamaj and many other jams from the north.

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At number 2 spot is Elmore Hodus better known as Elmore(Mayor Of Jos). The music producer has quite frankly been on the block for a while and has worked with several Nigerian artistes. However, his major break came through Tiny entertainment. He is responsible for making one of Ycee’s hit single ‘Balance’. Within weeks of release this song have actually turned sing-along tune. The BED CEO also has his touch in most of the hit songs from the north. And aside being a talented producer, Elmore is a sound engineering doctor. If you like represent ‘Deeper Life’, your body must move to his tune.

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The new sensation when it comes to hit making in Nigeria, Duo Producers(Tubase and Zeekbase) made a quick impression in Nigeria with their handy ‘Audio Hounds’ and ‘PSM’ production. If I’m allowed to say, Wodemagic are diverse in creativity. The next generation producers in our time were behind the music growth of artistes likes Yeyo, Titobrown, Emzzy E, Cloud9ne, Joey Jam, Aino, Nik, Amir and many others. For me, Wodemagic are the people’s choice amongst other fast-rising producers out of Nigeria this year. I forget to mention, these guys are ghosts…. I couldn’t find any of their pictures online. I really don’t know if it’s a marketing strategy or negligence.

The new king of Afrobeat In Nigeria, let me repeat; Wxla is the new king of Afrobeat in Nigeria. If you feel like arguing call DJ Spinall. Wxla has been holding down Afrobeats even much more than he gets publicity for; the young warlock has been phenomenal with a long string of songs in his repertoire. Only about two years ago, not a lot of people knew the name of this amazing music producer. By virtue of happenstance Wxla got to work with DJ Spinall, Efe, Ice Prince, Boj and the rest is history as we all know today. The immensely talented music producer is a major contributor to the Afro beat sound in Nigeria.


Oluwa Drumma aka Drummer Boy is an ancestor when it comes to music production. I couldn’t even track all his works, the prolific producer has worked with almost all your favourite gospel artiste. Take your time and check the producers of all the gospel songs on your playlist, i bet drummer will top the list. He’s just good.


If you follow hip hop music in the north then you should know the “Problematic” producer, Dreyga. The coolest thing about him is that he can’t be boxed. He musical dexterity and ability to flex around with different genres of music is amazing. For me, Dreyga has proven his worth working with different artistes in the industry and his beats bang.


Here is another guy who has influenced a lot about the sound of the Nigerian music industry. A multi-talented producer, singer and songwriter. He has worked with the likes of Solomon Lange and so many other A-list gospel Artist In Africa. A lot of people see him as a gospel producer, but for me i don’t. He’s so good to be boxed as a gospel guy. Lets just call the stardom Nigeria Contestant a conscious musician.


The very talented music maker has earned his spotlight in a very short time. Yendrick has had a hand in some of the biggest songs of 2019 and 2020 from the north. Jvson discography is enough bragging right for him. He has also worked with Emzzy E, ThatSaneDude and many other artiste in the Industry. He deserves to be on this list.


The growth of this new school beatmaker has been astronomical. Currently he is the go-to guy when Jos music acts need the Afro flavour on their records. He’s the guy behind songs like, ‘Normally’ by Bennie Burn Ft. Timmy Mani, ‘Simi’ and ‘Abi’ by Skitter himself, ‘Ready’ by King Pallyy and many other hit songs. His future is bright judging by the number of hit songs he has produced thus far in Jos. Plus he’s a prolific vocalist.


Sammy Keyz is exceptional. Not a noise maker but the quiet achiever. A Jos boy with long tentacles, If you follow artistes in Maiduguri, Adamawa, Gombe and Abuja. You will understand why he is on this list. He holds the credit to some of Winny’s songs and Mr. Major’s. Check him out online, you will like his works.

Worthy Mentions: Victor Bala, Producer X, Haske Beatz, Noble Icon, Yaxie, Ill Konnect, Eskay, Deece

Curated by Joe Heman

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