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The Global Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19)

The Global Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19)
The Global Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. The disease causes respiratory illness ( like the flu).with symptoms such as cough,fever and in more severe cases , difficulty breathing. 2019-nCoV joins four coronaviruses now circulating in people. Although little known outside the health care and virology circles, the current four are already part of winter spring seasonal landscape of respiratory disease,we do not pay much attention to them because they’re so mundane especially compared to seasonal flu.The new type of virus is responsible for the outbreak of respiratory illness that began in WUHAN ,HUBEI,CHINA in December 2019.

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With the new coronavirus spreading from person to person ,(possibly including from people without symptoms) reaching four continents and traveling faster than SARS(severe acute respiratory syndrome – CoV-2), driving it out of existence is looking increasingly unlikely. It is still possible that quarantines and travel bans will first halt the out break and then eradicate the microbe and the world may never see 2019-nCoV again according to Head of WHO Epidemiologist Dr.Mike Ryan.

Recorded cases of the Corona virus shows the tally of Italy and it’s cases of Covid 19 and deaths continuing to soar with announcements of 793 dead 6,557 cases and counting,while in Africa,record shows that over 1,000 covid19 cases in 40 nations.The Corona virus has about 353,000 reported cases,15,400 deaths and over 100,00 recoveries world wide in over 190 countries worldwide.

The WHO has advised In regards to preventing the virus from spreading for there isn’t a cure yet tells that we are expected to thoroughly wash our hands,make use of the sanitizer regularly,keep away from hugs and hand shakes ,keep away from crowded areas and preferably use handkerchiefs to cover our mouth when we want to cough or sneeze.

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Help guides are now available like wise Toll- free numbers/emergency numbers to report to if any symptom has been discovered in order to ensure safety.

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