The fight against covid-19 some various individuals have device some criminal means smuggling people in the state while monitoring the lock down complaint discovered some people use Ambulance and are conveying people in the state as sick persons our correspondent show an Ambulance of MDGs general hospital Gwantau of Sanga local government of kaduna state with passengers they pass through the security check down to marabajama round about.

Our correspondent while approaching them show some passengers dropping from the Ambulance at marabajama round about in jos south local and he show over 12 people inside the Ambulance and among them are 2 military personnel who refused to give their names but rather prefer to show their identification card, and information available to us by our correspondent also shows that some of the passengers are from Abuja and others are coming all the way from Lagos.
The question here is this if such people can smuggle their way into Jos how many other ways are others using to come into the state without any check and medical check up to check their status to know if they are infected persons or not, and also in an interactions with one of the passenger we discovered they pay very high amounts of money to come into the state and pass through the check point with the help of the ministry guys with them.
Plateau State is still free from the pandemic and government have put in proactive measures to make sure the state is free from covid-19, by closing the borders and the total lock down to fumigate the state against any possible virus, but with this efforts government is doing some individuals use criminal ways in entering the state using Ambulance.
Our call is for government should do a thorough check and check every Ambulance and if more than 3 persons including the patient and the Medical personal and driver are in the Ambulance they should be arrested or sent back, recently our correspondent engage the management committee chairman of Riyom Hon Mafeng Gwallson who disclose to our medium that some people device some means of entering the state by creating bush part and when they discovered that they block all the possible exit and main roads and arrest them and they all have taken some steps by educating the villagers through their counsellors in case they see any stranger they should raise alarm, according to hon Mafeng the measures they have taken so far has really helped.


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  2. A wheelchair investigation will not take you any where rather, you should be objective in your approach to issues as something are not as they appear


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