We told you, didn’t we, that the Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, the workaholic representative of the Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency is not a one-off performer?

Daily, the Federal Constituency is inundated with varying degrees of construction work, courtesy of Rt Hon Yusuf Gagdi. The men are at work for the benefit of the people.

Ordinarily, many had thought that the other construction works before now, were a flash in the pan. They had said he was doing them so as to get the attention of the delegates. In fact, they went to the ludicrous extent by stating that he would lose steam and beat a retreat.

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They got it all wrong. They forget easily that he is a man made of sterner stuff, and such persons are always willing to help and make sure the lives of the people are far better than what they now enjoy.

So long as people will be the beneficiaries of the projects, Rt Hon Gagdi’s footprints are a constant reminder of the faith he has invested in the lives of his constituents in various aspects of their lives.

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That is why, increasingly, his place and chances in the VOGA 2023 get more acceptable with each passing day. And to God, he is grateful for the support.

Imagine the recent additions with many more in the pipeline from the same source: Garga Town Hall, Dengi Town Hall, 25 stalls at the Dawaki Market in Kanke, Market Stalls at Gum-Gagdi, a Youth Center and Community Town Hall at Kwal, Meeting Hall and District Head office at Dokpai etc.

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These are mouthful and are meant to emphasize that people are uppermost in the life of the representative, whose antecedents are all pro-people and are primarily geared towards changing the narrative about them as being backward.

The Federal Constituency will continue to be better because, as always, it is in God that we trust.


July 30, 2022


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