I Really Need Your Advise! I Am In Love With My Employee, What Should I Do?
I Really Need Your Advise! I Am In Love With My Employee, What Should I Do?

I live in the west, I’m single and in my late thirties, I work independently I have a store/cybercafe/gamehouse where I sell electronics like home sound system, games, pads, phone accessories, mobile phones etc and I also have a cyber café and a game house in the same building.

I have about 6 workers that run the place with me cos I can’t be everywhere at all time and the shop is a little big.

Among my workers is a very beautiful 22 year old undergraduate that works for me when she gets off school and during holidays.

I like all my workers and I treat them right but I’m not really a guy that gets personal with people, so they know I have boundaries, but this girl is exceptional.

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She takes her work diligently makes even more sales than me in the shop most of the time cos she is good with people.

This girl is very attractive and she dresses nicely too.

She doesn’t wear revealing clothes.

She’s modest, all calm. I used to buy food from restaurants to eat in the shop before because I don’t really like cooking but she told me I don’t need to do that, she can make my food and bring it over to the shop for me.

Like she will bring me food in the morning before school and afternoon, and she refused to collect a dime from me.

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People are starting to feel a certain vibe among us cos she smiles whenever she looks at me and even my workers do call her oga’s wife jokingly.

In truth I like the girl but I don’t know if asking her out might cause a problem for my business.

Advise Me Please.


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