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Real Life Story: How I Was Sexually Harassed By A Gay


A friend I trusted and thought was like a brother tried to penetrate me.

Seeing the TL yesterday revel in stories about how several women have been sexually abused by women brought back memories.

For those reading, I’m a guy in my early twenties.

I always thought of sexual abuse as a man trying to rape a woman or forcing a woman to have sex.

But then. I never thought a man could try to force his private part on me too. A fellow guy.

So it started out as this. We’ll name my abuser as Caleb.

I knew Caleb from school fellowship. I attended a Federal university in Ogun State and then my roommate in school hostel was a friend of Caleb and occasionally, Caleb would come around to greet my roommate.

200 Level, I changed hostel and the block I was in, Caleb had a friend, Femi who was a also my friend. Together, we also attended the same church.

By 300 Level, the bond grew and mind you, Caleb was a level ahead of me. When I got to 400 levelCaleb was in his finals and stayed off-campus. I’ll go to visit him and sometimes sleepover.

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He became a brother and together we’ll cook and will also help me with advice concerning relationship.


I had a girlfriend that time but no money so I was having issues as I couldn’t afford to take her out or even buy her a birthday cake. I wasn’t that poor but then I spent my pocket money on Data and Food.

Poor me.

Then, something happened one particular day.

There was no light in school hostel so I decided to sleep over at Caleb’s place so I can charge my phone and chat. That night, a lot of people came to charge as it was a blackout and not many students could afford to buy fuel as it was exam time.


Caleb switched off the gen. People came to take their phones and he laid the bed so we could sleep. Just the two of us.

At some time later in the midnight. I felt this soft touch around my penis. Like something tickling my organ. I adjusted a little bit, still maintaining my posture with my back facing Caleb. Yet, I felt it again. Strange.

I opened my eyes to see Caleb’s hand touching my penis, guy!

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What the fxck!

I was surprised but I removed it and I thought he was just misbehaving(something Yorubas will call Shinranran)

Not quite long, I felt something behind me and a hand trying to remove my shorts. I had to wake up fully this time to see Caleb’s dick outside in it’s full glory, stretched to its max length.

I tried to hide my surprise because guy I was in his room. I didn’t want to shout or make the situation awkward.

He was like “shhh, come”.

I said Nahh, I couldn’t do it. I hadn’t fxcked a girl before so I’ll launch my sexual journey with a fellow man? Sodomy! Nahhh. I rebuffed him and told him I wasn’t interested. I was scared so I told him to wait in the morning.

Guy, I couldn’t sleep.

I was scared, this guy shouldn’t come and rape me. When it was morning, I feigned a call from my classmate that my attention was needed in the department.

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Off, I went.

Still, Caleb continued to persist. He wanted me. I avoided him for months. In church, won’t go to his place and it affected our friendship. Later after a while, we discussed and he told me his uncle abused him when he was little and since then he’s developed a urge for guys instead of girls.

There was nothing I could tell him because he had broke up with his girlfriend months ago. Now, he’s joined the Alté community and now has the LGBT sign 🏳️‍🌈 on his Instagram bio.

Yet after hearing what happened to some girls after being harassed by some celebrities yesterday, I felt somehow. I can’t just forget that night.

But guys let’s talk,

Have You Ever Experienced Sexual Abuse Before?

Share your experience too.

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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