Hello Chief,

Imagine you are to get married soon – would you be comfortable marrying someone that behaves exactly like you 100%?

Like you guys will have the same everything ?

– Same Character

– Same Attitude 

– Same Height

– Same Religion

– Same way of doing things (Talking, Greetings, Eating, Hustling, and Ginger).

Normally, when you are to get married, you are supposed to look for a partner that complements you where you suck so your Children can be way better than you.

EXAMPLE:- If you are not too intelligent or smart, it’s better you get yourself a partner that’s very intelligent and smart so your Children can end up becoming even more intelligent and way smarter than you.

I believe you all understand what I’m saying here and I will like you all to speak your mind as regards this issue.

Now, here’s a question to you all ?

Can You Marry A Girl That Behaves Exactly Like You?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

Drop your comments


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