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Hi Guys!!

A Lumidys Blog fan is here to seek your opinion on a very crucial relationship issue.

This guy and his new babe shared their past relationship experience but that of the babe didn’t seem to go down well with him


Abeg, help me put this on your website and I need serious advice on this.
I have been into many girls but one thing will lead to another, break up will sha happen.
I am 32 and I have lost counts of the number of heartbreaks I have gotten from women.
Recently, I met this new babe I kind of find peace with and I love her so much. Yesterday, she invited me to her house.

While we were eating the food she cooked, we got talking and I don’t know when I started talking about my past relationships.

When she told me about her past, fear grip me. She told me she had 12 relationship and that’s like 12 body counts with 1 abortion.

In my head, I started calculating that maybe each of the 12 guys fucked her at least 5 different times.

That’s like 60 drilling of hoe. It was at this point that I started having problem, I had to compose so she won’t notice.

And I have the intention of finally settling down with this girl oo.

What should I do? If you’re in my shoes, would you keep dating this babe to a point of marriage?

I will be in comment section.

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Now, over to you guys 👇

Do You Think He Should Keep Dating The Girl?

If You’re In His Shoes, Would You Keep Dating Her To Marry?

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