It is with a heavy heart and deep sense of remorse that I and my friends across the entire State find it necessary to address you and indeed the good people of Plateau State on certain developments that took place before and during the governorship election in our dear State.

We feel it is expedient and necessary to come out and talk in order to purge and relieve our conscience of the moral burden we have placed upon ourselves through the perpetuation of evil propaganda in the press against the people of Plateau State which skewed their minds against a particular Governorship Candidate in the race.

By and large we are here to confess our sins and also avail the people of Plateau State of certain untoward conduct and sponsored evil machinations perpetrated by us just to make sure that the APC Governorship Candidate Dr Nentawe Yilwatda did not win the election.

As a matter of fact and without any fear of indictment, reprimand or arrest by the security agencies we want to bring to public knowledge that we became willing tools and agents of blackmail and character assassinations in the hands of the PDP to bring down the most qualified and formidable Governorship Candidate, Dr Nentawe Yilwatda of the APC.

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Regrettably and shamefully too, we were given inducements and the necessary backing to publish all forms of falsehood especially in the social media portraying Nentawe as an agent of the Hausa-Fulani and also cooked up a supposed pact entered into by Nentawe and Shiekh Sani Yahaya Jingre to cede some portions of the Jos main Market for him to build a Jummaat Mosque for the Izala sect.

As if that was not enough, some of us were directed to also publish that Nentawe was given humongous sum of money and huge contracts by the Kano State Government in order to prosecute his governorship furthermore we were the ones that published that one of the frontline governorship Candidate had stepped down for the PDP candidate.

Painfully too, we qmaliciously published that Nentawe, Governor Lalong, Senator Shettima Kashim, the Vice President elect and the Sultan of Sokoto met in Jos where they gave conditions for the Moslems in Plateau state to support Nentawe which he and Lalong jumped at the offer.



Gentlemen of the press, I know many people would be disappointed and surprised that some people could be that callous in bringing down someone, just in the name of democracy not minding the pains and reputational damage caused to such a person and members of his immediate family.

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It would also be mind boggling and surprising to some to ask why coming at this time to make such startling revelations when the election is all over.

Yes the elections might have been over but the mental torture we are going through seem to have just began looking at the number of innocent Christians who might have believed the false propaganda which we made them believe.

We chose to come out now because of the serious spiritual and psychological torture we are going through. promptings hence the need to come out and publicly confess our misdemeanour with a view to absorbing our conscience.

Consequently I and my friends in this obnoxious and wicked assignment, we feel there is no reason for jubilations having known fully what transpired before and during the election. Worst of all is the kind of massive rigging and result manipulations that characterised the outcome of the election in some parts of the state particularly in Mangu and Jos- South local government areas.

For the first time in an election, about ninety percent turn-out of voters was recorded in the aforementioned local government areas.This to say the least is astonishing and unheard of in the political history of not only Plateau state but the country at large.

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Surprisingly mutilated result sheets and over voting were accepted by INEC officials which by and large has cast shadow of doubt on the credibility of the whole process.

In conclusion let us make it abundantly clear that should the need arises, we will be willing to mention names of sponsors of this distardly conduct and action of ours.We will also tell the world all the mouth watering promises made to us in the event PDP won the governorship election.

While we are not sure of the extend that our indecent manipulation of public opinion might have influenced the voting pattern of the unsuspecting voters, we want to profoundly ask for forgiveness from Dr Nentawe, Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingre, Sultan of Sokoto, Governor Lalong and the Vice President elect Senator Kashim Shettima. We are deeply sorry for all the pains we have caused them.

To the people of Plateau State, we are awfully sorry and if it is the destiny of Dr Nentawe Yilwada to be the Governor of Plateau State, God shall make a way where there is no way.

Thank you and God bless Plateau State.


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