Birthday party.

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Most of us shy away from throwing birthday parties because a party of any sort spells “money spent. Plenty money spent”. I’m here to tell you are not alone in this struggle as I was a victim to this school of thought too. THOK

First off, I considered what I had in hand and what type of party I was aiming for. Once I was able to zero in on these listed items, the planning proper begun.

Generally, these were the things that needed some form of money or investment and also these were things the party absolutely needed.

  • Venue
  • Entertainment (Food, Drinks and Music)
Bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages.

Seems a pretty short list is you ask me. So why does planning a birthday party still feel like so much money and time? It’s mostly in your head, you have to start seeing things as you want them and not as a certain standard has said.


This was least important. If you are planning a party where the attendees are close friend of yours, it is absolutely fine to host the party in your house. Yes, right at home. If you are worried about the cleanup after the party, you could consider what it would cost to rent a place or call for cleaning services to help out. Looking for a larger space? Surely a friend of yours would have a really big front or back yard to give you for your birthday party.

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Another least thought of place is the beach or a park or even a hangout location. The downside to this would be the number of people in attendance would be relatively smaller as you might end up celebrating with the entire crowd if you invite a large number of people.


This is where the most money is spent. You’re worried about if everyone would drink this or eat that or how much clean-up work there would be after. Take a deep breath, release it. You are on a budget, jollof rice, semovita, cooked food in general doesn’t have to be there. You could opt for small chops, chin chin and or skewered meat work perfectly fine, plus these can be made at home, they are easy to clean up after and fit everyone’s taste -well most people.

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For the drinks, you could

  • Make a general cocktail (with alcohol or without or both) – Have a dispenser or something easy to operate so the people in attendance could help themselves if they need more
  • If you took the party out, get what you can and the others who want something else can get their drinks. There’s no shame in this whatsoever.
  • Alternatively, you could ask your friends to bring something gas they come. A bottle from a few people and boom, birthday drinks have been settled.

And now to one big part of the party. Music!!!

Chill, maybe the DJ is too expensive, get a dj mix, it may not be as fun as you want it to be, but you can get several and listen to them prior the party so a friend (if you are too busy that day to) can man the sound system. If there are no sound systems available, ask a friend. Don’t overshoot. If the people in attendance are few, then one big speaker loud enough is okay.

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Alternatively, tune into a music channel on TV. This gives chance for small talk (assuming the people in attendance are relatively close). If you are taking it out, a speaker with some form of battery power would do just well.

With all said and done, a party doesn’t have to be thrown to mark your birthday. Sometimes it’s best to be honest with yourself, a friend might just throw you a surprise party, who knows. You could just tell a few friends to come over to your place for a very low-key hangout while spending some quality time together.

Have fun. And if you are planning a birthday ahead, THOK wishes you a happy birthday in advance.

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