A PDP National Delegate, Mr. Tanko Rossi Sabo of Sanga Local Government Area in Kaduna State has given back to his constituency a part of the largess gotten from the recently held Primary Election.

Tanko Sabo, a PDP national delegate, has shared the money which he collected from last weekendโ€™s PDP presidential primary election with the people of his constituency.

he said that his decision to share the money was based on the promise he made that if given the opportunity to be a national delegate he would return to give back the money to his people.

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Giving a breakdown of the disbursement, the generous delegate said:

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(1) โ€œI paid N46,000 naira each to 150 orphans/less privileged ones, which amounts to the sum of N6.9million

โ€œPlus N100,000 thousand for logistics to the five man committee that will go to their various schools and pay the waec/neco fees which amounts to N7million

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(2) โ€œI bought 42 customized jerseys which includes goal keepers wear, sox and coachโ€™s track suitย ย for N3.2million.

(3) โ€œI disbursed N1.3m to 187 ward executives and 18 local government executives.

(4) โ€œI gave supporters, elders, women, and executive beggars, aka maroka the sum of N350,000.

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(5) โ€œI gave Danladi Janda the sum of N100,000.

(6) โ€œI later discovered that Dogon Daji, Gani and Samba Boys of Bokana were not among the beneficiaries, so we gave them up till monday to make their share of the money available to them.


โ€œThank you, the people of Sanga for this privileged opportunity to serve within 22 days.โ€ He further stated.

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