Sponsored Post: Own your life Campaign (Project 500X)


The Own Your Life Campaign is an international non governmental initiative organized by CFG International, aimed at helping people raise cash flow towards starting a business, funding an existing business or funding a project without taking loans, without dropping collateral and without paying back the funds generated.

The Own Your Life Campaign’ will be going pro and been active and present in JOS!! It’s been over five years of empowering people, raising leaders, grooming businesses, training trainers and breeding millionaires! And you too can be a part of this.

We currently have our presence in jos where our head office is located in abuja,Lagos, Benin, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Bayelsa, Gombe, Enugu, and many other states! We are also lunched out Internationally starting with Kenya, Cameroon,Uganda and ghana

As a way of giving back, the organizers of this massive Campaign, have decided to empower 100 lucky people for free at the event, and to stand a chance of being selected, all you have to do is to BE AT THE EVENT!

What to expect at the event

  •  A minimum of 300 Specially invited guests
  •  A chance to be selected among those that will be empowered for free
  •  Celebrity guest appearances
  •  Some comedy
  •  Training by Business professionals
  •  Lots more


How to get tickets for you or your loved ones???

Complete the Google form


to secure your ticket and we will get back to you.


Do not feel left out! You can become a part of the Global Campaign too. However, membership/partnership is based on ELIGIBILITY. Complete the same Google form


and further information will be sent to you.

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