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Online Tools You Need To Use For Your Business Today
Online Tools You Need To Use For Your Business Today

The current global conundrum has put a bright, new spotlight on the value of online tools for maintaining business operations on the web. Nowadays, given the mass availability of stable Internet – as well as the many devices that can be used to access it – you only need a handful of online tools to successfully keep a business running. Here are some of the most essential web working tools that need to be in your roster.

Slack – for Communications

Perhaps the most crucial digital tool your business needs is an app for company-wide communications. The best workplace communication apps come with a simple interface, are intuitive to use, and available on almost every device. The popular group chat app called Slack fits the bill in every respect. You can use it to chat with individuals, start group chats with teams and departments, or share this Isolation Mixtape by DJ Joweey De Drum boi – communication channels such as this are also a good way to keep remote workers engaged and well-bonded. You can also use Slack to share and save relevant work files, set reminders for certain events, and even make group audio or video calls. Whether you go with Slack or any other communication tool, make sure that every employee has a device on which it can be installed.

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Nord VPN – for Data Protection

Cybersecurity is important for all types of businesses. And while common sense dictates that hackers only target big businesses, a report via Hackernoon details how 43% of hacking victims were small actually businesses, whether through phishing, malware, or other types of cyber attacks. This is why it’s important to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN service while you surf the web using the same computer on which you do business. While VPNs today are mostly used for gaming or live streaming content, Expatbets recalls how they were originally designed for business data security. Specifically, VPNs work by hiding your location from any website you’re visiting as well as any prying eyes. Nord VPN in particular is a well-reviewed and long-standing service that’s been proven over the years to be secure. It even comes with a kill switch to your web connection in case the VPN itself fails while you’re on the web, ensuring that you and your customers’ data stays protected from hackers and online thieves.

Wave – for Accounting

Whatever type of business you’re running, you need to always be on top of cash flow. Nowadays, any of the many available accounting software and services online can provide this for you and your business. ZD Net’s recommendations for business accounting software is topped by the app called Wave, which the site recommends for both freelancers and small businesses. This app can help you with organizing invoices, sales, purchases, and even payroll. It can also integrate with 1500 other applications, which makes the transfer of financial data easy even for entrepreneurs who aren’t exactly tech wizards.

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Facebook – for Social Media Marketing

Although it’s certainly not the only app you can use for developing and promoting your brand on the web, Facebook remains to be the biggest and most widely-used social media app on the planet. Boasting a global monthly active user count of 2.5 billion – as well as a brand value that’s estimated at $79.8 billion (₦28.7 trillion) – the app has become integral for any business aiming to establish a global presence. By familiarizing yourself with Facebook’s targeting option for paid ads, you can better reach the customers and audiences that your brand needs in order to thrive.

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These are just a handful of the many different online tools that your business can use to stay relevant during this time. The better you understand the web-based tools at your disposal, the easier it will be to keep your business running – and even thriving – during your foray into the remote economy.

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