NIGERIA @62!! Happy Independence Day To Our Dear Country Nigeria โ€“ What Are Your Sincere Wishes For This Nation?

A Nation of milk and honey is 62 today!!

On this day,ย October 1st 2022 we celebrate the 62st yearย Nigeria became an independent nation.

This is a day that we celebrate beingย free from British colonization, all thanks to the effort of our heroes past.

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However, as citizens of this great country, we all want the state of the Nation can be better than this.

How can we be celebrating independence and vast majority of Nigerians in Nigeria are holding a major goal of relocating abroad?ย It is sad!!

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Letโ€™s celebrate thisย independence dayย by dropping our wishes for this country.

For me, I wish this country has leaders with conscience.ย Happy Independence Day Guys!!

Oya drop yours

What Are Your Sincere Wishes For This Nation?

Drop your comments

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