NANS Zone C to Host Magazine Lunch Tagged "The Titan" (See Details)

The National Association of Nigeria student NANS ZONE C comprising of North Central state including FCT-Abuja, Nigeria.

It has the prime responsibility to protect the welfare of its members which is primarily the students, to ensure quality education, be the voice of the voiceless Students, clamour for conducive and peaceful environment of learning.

The national association of Nigeria student is lunching its magazine which is one of the lasting legacies of the Image maker of the NANS ZONE C. It is an annual publication of the information Desk to celebrate legends, models, icons of repute all over the World and within our zone.

This seeks to recognize and honour those who dedicate their voices and strength to speak and stand for humanity and the society. This magazine features students, youths, and philanthropist individuals with a landmark of genuine struggle via representation, advocacy and leadership prowess.

Rev. Dr. Yakubu Pam is the face of our magazine today because his antecedents are speaking for him. He has risen up to the leadership sphere not by mere coincidence but by sheer hardwork and this worthy of a national recognition as this.

In view of the novel subpublication of the National Association of Nigerian Students'(NANS) ZONE C; THE TITAN is the first of its kind with ravishing topics and immense support from students,the public and notable organizations.

NANS Zone C to Host Magazine Lunch Tagged "The Titan" (See Details)

The event is plan as follows

Date 13th August 2022


Venue: Crest hotel Jos


Are you all invited to the great occasion.

Nanzing Nanla Nanzing CNS

Public relations officer NANS ZONE C


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