NANS community on the plateau, tackles Governor Lalong and Honourable minister Dame Pauline Tallen for sideling students in stakeholders and town hall meetings in plateau state

NANS community on the plateau, tackles Governor Lalong and Honourable minister Dame Pauline Tallen for sideling students in stakeholders and town hall meetings in plateau state

On the Plateau , Like Governor ,Like Minister ?

The Activities over the past few days is so clear that, power lies with the people and the power of the people is more stronger than those in power.
We pay Glowing tribute to those who loss their lives at the course of the peaceful protests of #Endsars which aimed at redressing police brutality , police reforms and other ills in our country as demanded by the protesters across the Nation, may their Patriotic souls RIP, as we wish those who sustained various degrees of injuries fast recovery and may our good lord comfort their families and all of us, Amen.

As the representatives of the students , we have observed with total disappointment the gap between Government of plateau state and the students community in the activities of Governance . May we place on record and emphatically make it clear that we are not subsidiary of government but as a responsible body and stakeholders in nation building , we should be given an audience to make our opinions in the matters that affects or have the potency to affect us either directly or indirectly.

May we ask , Or may be, because we don’t flood the Government house as its used to be before, by some of the past students leaders? And the Government assumed , students structures doesn’t exist ? No, it does ,just that we have chosen to do things differently , to avoid hindrances when the need arises.

Your Excellency Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong, we wish to inform you today, that you have a very wide gap between your government and the students community.
In your first tenure , you only appointed SSA on students affairs without a functional office, unlike other states who has a special Adviser on students matters and SSA on students affairs with a functional office and correspondences to all students leadership, in plateau state the case was different , this in itself a relegation to the students who are youths and stakeholders, either in peace building or nation building.
May we remind you, that anything that affects students has the potency to create tension as such we have expected that you will do better. As a peace Ambassador your Excellency sir, we thought you will utilised your peace initiatives and engage students and students leaders but these has not been part of your government. In spite of how your administration has neglected this sensitive community ( students ) we have in the best interest of our state remained loyal and law abiding students, thanks to the students Desk of DSS in plateau state who always call us for discussions, anytime students want to protests across the nation for one thing or the other, to see reason why we should address press instead of street protest because of the nature and fragility of our state, because we are patriots and we love our state we do reason with them, but your government has shown no interest to engage students not for anything, but for our opinion in some critical issues affecting us.

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Mr Governor , recently you constituted a judicial panel on police Brutality and other related Extra judicial killing in plateau state on October 18th , it was a welcomed idea by the citizenry particularly, the students community as most of the affected of such brutality on the Plateau are students. while we received with joy the Constitution of such panel , with hope that our fallen heroes will probably get justice in the end, we were surprised that there was no students representative in the committee despite the fact that we have suffered most of the Brutality, your colleagues in other states and national human Right commission has a students representative in their committee.

While we were murmuring ,but still hold it to our hearts, we received the news that the president ,His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari has directed all his ministers to go back to their various States to get inputs on the best ways to empower the youths , we were hopeful that since the Governor has never engages the students in any of his stakeholders or town hall meetings, the Honourable minister ( our mummy) , who is the minister for women affairs may create that space for our students representative to air their opinions on some of the issues affecting them, chiefly is the Asuu strike that has kept us at home for a longer time than we can ever imagine.
Unfortunately these afternoon we saw the Honourable minister Dame Pauline Tallen who represents plateau state in the Federal Executive council posted on her Facebook handle ” I met with major stakeholders in jos plateau state on the recent issues of the #Endsars protest as directed by president Buhari for all ministers to return to their states and get in puts on the best ways to empower the youths .” unfortunately non of the serving student leaders was invited in the Honourable minister, Dame Pauline Tallen stakeholders meeting. To these end, we may be right to say , we were not fit to be in the stakeholders meeting as such, you have make it difficult for us to table our issues to you for onward delivery to the president and commander in chief hence, we are left with the option of using the social media to reach across to you with issues affecting us as students to include thus..

  1. we are students and we speak for only our constituents.
  2. Your Excellency Dame Pauline Tallen , help us tell Mr president that , he should immediately find a lasting solution to the Asuu strike that has denied the future leaders of these great nation opportunities to have asses to education for 8 months and still counting.
  3.  that , National Association of Nigerian students ( NANS) and National Association of universities students ( NAUS ) had earlier staged a protest at the National Assembly sometimes last week to demand for #EndAsuu strike ( secure our future ), next will be a peaceful protests to ministry of Education and ministry of Labour ,after which the organs and structures of NANS and NAUS will start peaceful protests in their various States simultaneously to demand for an end to the #Asuu strike.
  4.  that as school reopens from covid -19 , the students demands for scholarship from Government, public institutions ,political office holders and private organisations as palliative support package to students.
  5. that, the federal Government should direct all tertiary institutions to waive school fees or slash it by 50% as students palliative support package for students, so also hostels accommodation be slash by 50% or waved for students.
  6.  that the Government should prioritize education for the citizens and ensure students are enrolled massively in schools as events of the past few days shows what poor Education can cause as ,aside the peaceful protesters of #Endsars , the miscreants that hijacked the process and vandalises peoples properties are mostly uneducated and these is so obvious that the system failed them.
  7. those who engages serving students leaders in their town hall meetings and stakeholders meetings across the country will have all these issues presented to them in their States as resolved by NANS and NAUS leadership, but because we were sidelined by plateau state Government and the Honourable minister ,these is the only platform to reach you with our earnest demands as the days coming ahead is not promising that we will condone staying at home on the guise of Asuu strike as our patience is fast fading .
  8. Mr Governor, should ensure a deliberate approach to giving students sense of belonging as seen in other states and create space to hear their opinions on issues affecting them, as we awaits inclusion of Students representative in the judicial panel on police brutality and other related extra judicial killing in plateau state.
    9, Mr Governor should create a policy that will appeal to landlords in students dominated areas to allow students stay for 6 months before they can demand for house rents.
  9. Mr Governor , we are aware that you are compiling lists of Special advisers and SSA’s , please be considerate these time in your best interest and that of the students , appoint Special adviser on students with a functional office and SSA on students affairs to assist the adviser as going further, the students issues will be too bulky for you to handle, look for Best hands and assign to them these responsibilities.
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We sympathise with plateau citizens on the unfortunate incidences that occurred within these days, we condemned the vandalization of Government and private individual properties as we pray Government will be honest and sincere in handling the issues.

While we may wish to end Here for now, I, on behalf of student comrades, and students community , assure you of our prayers and goodwill.

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God bless NANS
God Bless plateau
God bless The federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours in nation building .

Prince G.M Bedir CNS
Secretary General NANS Zone C ,comprising north east and north central Nigeria including FCT Abuja and by providence the senior serving Exco of NANS in the state.
#EndAsuu strike .

H.E Rt Hon Dr Simon Bako Lalong

H.E Dame Pauline Tallen

Hon Commissioner for Youths and sports.

DSS ( students Desk ).


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