MUSIC LOVERS!! Here Are Nigerian Musicians Who Mysteriously Vanished Out Of Limelight

It’s difficult to break into the music business. Even if you manage to break in, it is extremely difficult to achieve success, and once you do, maintaining success and momentum is an entirely different beast.

Some musicians who achieved success in the Nigerian music business afterwards appeared to completely disappear from the scene.Today, we’ll look at the careers of some of these artists, find out what happened to them, and find out where they are now.

Olu Maintain

Who doesn’t know or remember Yahooze and the Yahooze trend that year. The Yahooze dance was what the Gen-Z today would call a Tiktok dance sensation. People were doing the Yahooze dance everywhere and the song was a mega hit in Nigeria.

However, it seems that Olu Maintain, the musician behind the song, was never able to duplicate Yahooze’s success again. What transpired to him, then? What has become of Olu Maintain?

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Are you familiar with the song Malaria? That song is so excellent that I continue to play it today. Soty, the woman who made the contagious jam, is to blame. Soty’s song was played nonstop on the radio and became viral across the country.

After that, it looked that she vanished entirely from view because nothing more was ever heard from her. Where is Soty now and what happened to her?


Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane burst onto the scene in 2012 and during that time he released a number of hit songs including My Dear, Ligali, and more. Dammy was seen as one of the artistes to watch and was already building quite a strong fanbase for himself.

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Then, calamity struck when news broke out in 2017 that the singer had been arrested in the United States for grand theft, credit card fraud, and identity fraud. However in August 2017, the American courts struck out all charges against him.

Since then, Dammy Krane has been radio silent on social media and everywhere. Finally, at the end of last year, he uploaded a new picture and announced new music, IJGB, which is out now.


Lucy Candy May

Lucy Candy May

Do you still recall Lucy Candy May? She was the young woman who was slated to take the reins as Rudeboy Recordz’s first lady. She was positioned as Nigeria’s Rihanna and was intended to take Ayra Starr’s place in the nation’s music scene. Cynthia Morgan and Rudeboy appeared in the high-end music video for Lucy’s debut single, “Special Driver,” which had over 160,000 views on Youtube and made an impact on radio.

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But since the release of that song and music video, Lucy seems to have completely disappeared from the Nigerian music industry. In fact, if you Google or search for the name Lucy Candy May now, mainly posts and articles from 2016. the time of her debut, come up. The social media handle @LucyCandyMay is also now empty with only 5 followers as at the time of writing this report. So what happened to the woman that was supposed to become Nigeria’s own Rihanna?

The end!

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