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Mainstream : What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

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Jos entertainers

Entertainment enthusiasts have, on many occasions, observed that staggering news is prevalent in the media about Jos music industry, artistes and their activities.


From news such as Shadez Labar dragging popular OAP VJ Twitch, Sassy Sandy exits BED Music, Marksheddy is claiming to have made more progress in Jtown Rap music, Craig B announces exit from BED Music, has been the trend of the news in recent times.

Many fans of the artistes have also expressed concern that the causes of this trendy news emanate when some of the artistes signed deals in haste without studying the implications of the deal even with their lawyers.

They argue that negative news and gossip both on online and print media are unbecoming of group artistes that claim to belong to a credible industry.

According to them, defining what it takes for Jtown music scene to be classified as an industry will go a long way in understanding why artistes have problems with contracts, Promotion, Packaging and the constant tussle over frivolities.

Some Jos entertainers took to facebook today to air out their minds to as why Jos Music Industry is  not progressing as stated by a popular OAP Pedro during a radio program.

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What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

See come of the reasons via  screenshots below 


What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

Also they observe further that the real problem among the artistes is the absence of clear-cut distinction between Jos music scene and business.

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I in my own opinion think there ought to be an understanding that beyond the art and passion, a music industry is guided by academic and economic rules which must be studied and planned.

I however, insist that while music business in Jos has some components of being classified as an industry, it lacks some fundamental values.

I believe that music industry comprises companies and individuals that earn money by creating songs, the organisations, the associations that aid and represent creators and the sellers of such musical materials.

I can argue that although Jos music scene has companies, groups and individuals involved in the music making process, it lacks structure, accountability and data required for a flowchart to work like well-oiled engines.

El More (BED Music Boss & Producer), agreed with this sentiments, observing that lack of structure had been his major challenge in production.

What Is Wrong With Jos Music Industry?

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However, most of Jos musicians blame inadequacies in the sector on lack of structure.

Similarly, Frank Damen , known as VJ Slim Boy, admitted that Jos music sector could not be compared with Lagos music industry in terms of structure.

If structures are in place, things will be well documented; we should be able to know how many record labels are in existence, how much was spent and how much the artistes are making. But at a time I feel we have countless records labels in Jos, I once saw a post a facebook user made which reads

“Once you get laptop and two speakers in Jos you are automatically a producer and a record label owner”

He said this on a lighter mode but it got me thinking because there is a little truth in it.

But come to think of it, we have big events like Jos Trade Fair, Link up Jos, Jos Chillin etc. Do they really pay Jos artist to perform? We got reports from some artist sometimes back about them being given tickets to sell and others paying some about of money to perform at Jos Chillin.

If I am not mistaken the same Jos Chillin allegedly paid Davido the sum of 14 million naira To attend Jos Chillin last year and he didn’t come.

Imagine this amount of money being sink into our own music industry, you would all agree with me that we have artist such as Promphizy, BizaKeem, Timzy Mani, INZ, Tije Manari, Caeser Joewi, Thrill, Teeblaizz, Crinerry, Neken Chuwang, SoulPee Gambo. E.T.c who can deliver sick Sounds like or better than the Lagos Based artist.

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Now the big question is What are we planning to do  to make Jos Entertainment Industry better? 

We want to here from you too ☺

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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