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We can make your Song become the next big hit in Nigeria

As you already know, the music industry is hot and very competitive to break into. As such, you need to work with our Music promotion experts on the best way to go about it to make your Song the next big hit in Nigeria.

With over 6 years experience in Music promotion on the Internet, we are the best as far as Nigeria & Africa is concerned. We know what and what to do to make that your new jam blow up massively beyond your expectations. We have done it countless number of time and we can do it again.

As the Most Visited Music & Entertainment Website in Nigeria, we know the right promotional plans to deploy for you on our platform Lumidys Blog NG to make your song the next big thing. You definitely won’t regret working with us.


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Why Should I Work With You?


Larger Reach

With over 3 million visits on our Website monthly, be rest assured Millions of Nigerians will get to know about your New song, download and enjoy it.


Team of Experts

We’ve got a Team of Vibrant young music promotion experts who will handle your Music Promotion in utmost regards to deliver amazing results that will surely wow you.


Years Of Experience

With over 6 years in the game, we’ve gone through many trials and errors and now we can tell you the best way to promote your Song online if awesome result is what you want.

Promotional Package We Offer




1. Your Music gets posted on Lumidys Blog NG Site to over 3 Million+ Users.

2. Your Music link get posted on our Facebook page / twitter.

3. Your Music link get posted on over 300 whatsapp groups

4. We will build a Complete Music Page for you on our Website with your Song Details and a Link to your Twitter page to gain new Followers

6. You will surely Build a Large Fanbase with us, and can as well Receive Maybe Record Labels Proposal [If not Signed Yet].


PRICE:- We Charge ₦15,000 for single, N25, 000 For EP (of 10 or more  songs) & N50, 000 for Album (10 songs and more) to Get Artiste Song up on our Website and we guarantee you nothing less than 10k Downloads.

Kindly get back to us if this is fine by you sir.


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SCAM ALERT:- Please, avoid being Scammed by Fraudulent people claiming to be Lumidys Blog NG or Joshua Turna Lumi.

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