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Hello Everyone!

Something happened yesterday and up till now I’m still boiling from inside .

Okay, here is what happened. I set out around noon yesterday to get a new phone at Terminus. While I was about to board a bus to Old air port where I’d connect with a bus to Terminus, I saw a glo Sim registration booth. I asked one of the reps when they’d leave, and she said 6 pm.

I promised to be back before then to get one. On my way back, around past 5, I went there and started the process. I was told to buy airtime immediately in order for the Sim card to work, which I obliged, and told them I’d buy #200 worth.

Immediately I collected my pack, I gave another lady who works with them and sells airtime #200.

She collected my card, put it in her phone, loaded it and handed my Sim back to me. I thanked her and was about to leave when she stopped me and asked that I pay her for the recharge card. When I told her I had paid already, she erupted like a volcano.

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She began to raise her voice that passers-by stopped and began to watch us, she called me all sorts of names, ‘Thief’ being the most subtle of them.

Her stance when I dared leave, and leave her to her ramblings, was that of a woman who would hold a man’s collar and decorate his face with prints from hot slaps. She maintained I would not leave until I pay her, despite the fact that her colleagues asked me to go.

I was so embarrassed. #200 was and is not my problem, I just didn’t want to san’wo omo go.

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Last last I had to give her another #200 before she quieted down and allowed me to leave.

Later in the evening, when I got home I put the Sim in my phone, and the first call I got was from the said lady’s colleague calling me to apologise on her behalf.

She said immediately I left, she saw the money and she’s ashamed of herself and couldn’t bring herself to calling me and telling me herself, that’s she’s indeed sorry… Blah! Blah!! Blah!!!

She said I should come back on Monday to get the money. I told her I don’t need the money again.

As I’m typing this, I’m so angry… Even with the apology and the offer to get my money back, I still feel cheated. Some of the people who witnessed our little drama would definitely not be there when she found the money. To them I might as well be what she painted me to be.

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How did I do? Was I right to turn down the reimbursement? How should I have reacted?

If You Were In My Shoes How Would You Have Reacted?

Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly?

I Will Be in The Comment Section.

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  2. Your life may not be going the way you planned it but its going exactly the way God planned it and also we all know that every disappointment is a blessing so don’t worry bro thank God she was able to sort it out and know that the fault was from her though the fact still remains that she didnt call to let you know she got the money but her friend did. Well calling you to apologize won’t still change the fact that the act has been committed I think you did very well by giving her another #200 and also turned down the reimbursement won’t wish this kinda situation for anyone but if by chance you find yourself in it I think its a perfect time to think before you act and thats what you did so your maturity still stands.
    Kudos bro.


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