LET’S TALK!! If Yoruba Musicians Supports Tinubu – It’s A SHAME But Igbo Musicians Are Free To SUPPORT Peter Obi?
Peter Obi – Bola Tinubu

Many Nigerians are moving mad already 😡😡😡

I know Nigerians are so divided but I never knew it has gotten so bad for us to this level.

The general election is fast approaching and everyone is rooting for their various candidates based on whatever they believe in – at least it’s their right (let them do so without being judged na).

Nigeria will become more divided

Something horrible is happening already but please don’t allow anyone to play mind game on you or use reverse psychology on you to change your mind on your choice of Candidates.

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NOTE:- Before I go on, let me say this – Do you know how many Yorubas are rooting for Peter Obi? A whole lot.

Some evil-minded Nigerians are going about saying 👇

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Pasuma, Oga Bello, Yinka Quadri, and all Yoruba entertainers are SHAMELESS for rooting for Tinubu – abi?

But 👇

Psquare, Flavor, Kate Henshaw, Erigga, and other Igbo entertainers are rooting for Peter Obi and they called that SUPPORT? 🤣🤣

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This is becoming interesting 🤣🤣🤣

I can tell you for free that Peter Obi will lose a lot of Yoruba votes if you all want to go this way because more Yoruba Entertainers who did not want to support Tinubu initially will have to do so and you know what that means.

Well, see what some other Nigerians are saying 👇

Let me drop my pen 🖊 at this junction so you all continue doing the talking because this is annoying and irritating.

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But this is a big shame as we are about to use ethnicity to destroy the 2023 Election that we all see as a hope to restore Nigeria.

E go soon clear for all of us eyes.

What Do You All Have To Say About This Issue?

Kindly speak your mind as regards this nonsense already happening.

Drop your comments

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