LET’S TALK!! How Do We Stop Islamist Jungle Justice “Killing” In Lagos State? (See What Happened)

I watched AIT news yesterday where Lagos police are seriously disturbed and unsettled by rising cases of religious intolerance in the state with respect to many cases of lynching and burning of people for “blasphemy“

Now, here is the latest one that happened in Alaba Rago in Lagos state, a place with high concentration of Northern Muslims

A customer went to the room of an ashawo and after knacking her wotowoto, his eyes suddenly opened to the sight of a copy of the Qur’an in her room and he got angry…went out to inform his friends who came back with him and lynched and burnt her.

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I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say. Read again. 👇 

Customer of a sex worker and his friends lynched and burnt a Lagos sex worker for keeping Quran in her room.

The incident happened at Alaba Rago, where a lot of Northern Islamists reside.

The girl identified as Hannah Saliy that was killed also came from the North. Their grouse was that she was not supposed to be carrying Quran because of the kind of work she was doing.

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The girl was a prostitute and a customer patronized her and after sleeping with her, the customer paid N1,000 for her service.

Now the girl accused the customer of stealing her money during the knacking. The Northern Islamists, who were with the customer, asked if she was sure that he stole her money. So, they decided to go and search her room where she attended to her customers.

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While searching the room, they found Quran under her pillow and started asking what she was using the Quran for as a prostitute.

So, they started attacking her; they stabbed her, took her out and set her ablaze.

I personally have a lot to say about this, but let’s hear from y’all.

How Do We Stop Islamist Jungle Justice “Killing” In Lagos State?

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