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LET’S TALK! Do Girls Or Ladies Masturbate?


I have constantly asked myself this question, “whether women masturbate”

It is general knowledge that many guys masturbate.

Due to the following reason:-

1. At teenage age, boys who stay with their parents may not have the courage to bring the opposite sex to their family house

2. Many guys may not afford what it takes to take care of the opposite sex financially

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3. And lastly, girls can be difficult to get, at some point you just get fed up trying to please them. Getting a girl can be frustrating most times.

These are the reasons I feel that make many guys go into masturbation.

… But on the other hand, a girl of 13 years old has started getting different opportunities to have sex, ranging from young and even older guys. Guys who have a house of their own (so she doesn’t have to worry about the place)

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So she just has the option to choose who she wants to have done it with.

That is why I have always asked myself whether ladies masturbate, considering the fact that they have many more opportunities to start having sex early in life.

Do Girls Or Ladies Masturbate?

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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