LET’S BE HONEST:- Can A Northerner/Muslim Accept A Christian-Christian Candidate To Rule Nigeria?
Tinubu – Shettima

On Sunday, July 10th the ruling party APC announced that the deputy for their flag bearer in the presidential election would be Senator Kashim Shettima.

Just like Ahmed Tinubu, the flag bearer of APC in the presidential election is a Muslim, the vice Kashim Shettima is a northerner and a Muslim too.

The ruling party is always so sure they will be the one to continue ruling Nigeria and they seem to have come up with a strategy they believed would work by selecting Kashim Shettima as vice so they can secure massive votes from the note.

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For a country greatly defined by religion and tribe, the ruling seems not to give regard to the Christians while selecting their vice-presidential candidate.

If not, we can as well pick presidential and vice from the same geopolitical zone if compitence is what we are looking at now in Nigeria.

I’m a Christian and I don’t have a problem with anybody’s religion if they are competent. But in a country like Nigeria where religion plays a major role in all we do, equality has to be put in place to keep the country running.

You can’t expect Christians not to be scared of Nigerians being Islamised. A Christian-Christian candidate would surely generate more reactions than this if we are being honest.

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This is a country with over 45% Christians, yet a group of persons wants to sideline and exclude them from the affairs of the country. This is not about Nigeria, this is pure politics!!.

This post is not to promote religious/tribal war, this is just to seek your opinion.

Let’s be honest guys,

Can A Northerner/Muslim Accept Christian-Christian Candidates To Rule Nigeria?

Let’s hear from you.


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