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LB STORY! I Inherited My Brother’s Laptop After His Suicide, What I Found On It Made Me Glad He Did It (Episode Three)


STORY! I Inherited My Brother’s Laptop After His Suicide, What I Found On It Made Me Glad He Did It (Episode One)

Episode 3 – What I Found

If you missed episode two CLICK HERE to read the story.

The first thing that I came across on his desktop was some simple folders that, indeed, had poetry in them. There were some saved from famous authors, some Poe, some that had been accredited to others but I hadn’t a clue who they actually were. There was a file that contained a lot of his own poetry, though a lot of it was unfinished or disappointing as it seemed like it hadn’t been as deep as my brother truly went as a human being.

He had started writing a bunch of short stories as well but finished halfway through and never worked up the encouragement to finish them. All in all, I ended up being disappointed and sat there thinking how ironic all of this was.

My brother’s life had been unfinished, as he had been so capable of many things, and here he sat with an entire laptop full of information that had never been completed. It was a reflection of himself and the things he never got to do.

Once it hit about 10 at night I had finally opened up his internet browser only to find that there had been one pulled up already, just minimized at the bottom of the screen. There were about ten tabs, each one becoming more and more of a yawn-fest, things I never knew my brother really cared about.

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There were a few outdated news stories about things going on in the Middle East and a page about starting up your own business, which got me wondering but I suppose I’d never find out what that was about0.

Checking in, I noticed a tab open revealing that he had done a Google search at some point entitled, “How to help a friend from hurting themselves.” The possibility that he may have been doing the search for himself, but I moved onto the final tab.

It was a log-in screen with the details already entered, and a “save your password” checked. The log-in screen itself was baby blue and harmless, with a cloud up in the upper-corner that said, “Online World” which meant absolutely nothing to me. I wasn’t much of a computer genius, only visiting my school’s website and social networking a few times a week.


Hell, I didn’t even have a computer at the time, just the internet on my phone that I used so infrequently and I liked it that way – it was so personal. But there was something dirty about coming to this screen and knowing that my brother may have used it for private interactions and here I was, sitting as if it was nothing, his spirit lingering over my shoulder, and I was logging in.

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I clicked the button and it logged me into a black screen complete with tons of usernames and answered questions galore. It was a forum.

I raised an eyebrow as I lingered over the first few questions of the page, “What was your first one like?” “What do you look for in a female or male?” and, best of all, “Should I do it?” At first glance, my heart sunk. My brother was a sex addict.

Then I realized that I was being silly and it could all be some sham of a website to bring together pre-teens and teenagers looking for advice on women, and sharing ideas. Maybe he had just become interested in girls for the first time in his life and really wanted to gain a girlfriend after waiting so many years.

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I took a chance and clicked on, “Should I do it?” and never regretted anything more in my life.

The post, posted by a man who went by the name of Remmy on his own account, went as such:

The answers given were an assortment of, “You don’t have to take this route if you wanted to have her as a girlfriend. It’s all about taking advantage of her – mentally, physically, emotionally.

She’s not going to want you romantically after that but if that’s not what you’re looking for, then by all means.” “Chop her up and post pics of it afterward.” “Ooh, a young one, I like that. Getting started early, aren’t we? You may have joined the cult of sick minds on here but you have to prove your worth with your first victim. ;)”

To be continued…

Use tag “I inherited my brother laptop“ to read all episode one after the other.

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