STORY! I Inherited My Brother’s Laptop After His Suicide, What I Found On It Made Me Glad He Did It (Episode One)

Episode 4 – I Regret Opening His Laptop

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The original user had voted the last one “five stars.” It had been posted hours into the next day.

I threw up all over inside my trash can.

My mind racing, I suddenly realized that I had stumbled onto the website of thousands and thousands of rapists. A hidden website, concealed by a fuzzy page that redirected you into your worst horrors.

Questions got as gruesome in the 18+ category as, “I strangled a girl and don’t know where to hide the body?” and “Who else loves the feeling of coming into a corpse hours after you’ve fucked it to death?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, wouldn’t have been able to hide the terror if somebody had walked right into my room then and there. In a way the only question I could ask was why would Shawn have a username on a website like this? What had he DONE?

The biggest sense of dread overcame my body as I took the mouse and scrolled over his username. I realized that by clicking on it, it would take me to his online profile and show me anything and everything that he had participated on the website from the very moment he had become a member a year prior.

I clicked anyway.

It showed his list of questions answered and asked from the very beginning and progressively got more up to date as you scrolled. His page wasn’t very interesting, he had mostly just replied short comments on threads such as, “Should I do it?” 14-or-so-year-olds asking for advice on a planned rape that they weren’t sure they wanted to follow through with. My stomach stayed queasy as I kept scrolling.

Finally, I came to one that he had asked in a sub-forum entitled, “Why do I feel so lonely?” Before clicking, I wondered if this was just a place for him to reach out and vent, a way to control himself from doing something very dastardly.

To be continued…

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