RAMADAN!! What’s That Nonsense Thing Fasting Stopped You From Doing & You Can’t Wait To Continue?

Thank God the month of Ramadan has finally come to and end. Almighty Allah will keep us all alive to witness more 

Mehn, e no easy… Fasting has finally come to an end. 30 days of absolute no nonsense. Just you 100% pure without any of those nonsense you normally do daily.

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Don’t let me start mentioning the long list of nonsense we all do on a daily. Nobody holy but thank God fasting don sha finally go. I can’t wait to start doing my thing back.

I know you all must have missed one or two rubbish you normally do but can’t do because of fasting but now that it has ended, you cannot wait to get started again 

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Well, if you are to be sincere with yourself, we have this question for you 

Now That Ramadan Has Ended, What’s That Nonsense Thing You Can’t Wait To Start Doing?

We need your honest response to this.. Just say astaghfirullah 

Let’s here from you all.

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