NANGS Unijos chapter to empower its members with Wealth creation, sustainable production and self employment 

National association of Ngas students (NANGS) university of Jos presents Wealth creation, sustainable production and self employment

National Association of Ngas students (NANGS) unijos chapter.

The above association wishes to empower its members in various area on wealth creation, sustainable production and self-employment This is aimed at reducing crime rate, over dependency on government, and also designed at contributing to the growth of the nation economic, as well as creating employment opportunity for the students.

The unijos chapter, partner with “Goal Project” a nongovernmental organisation (NGO) base in Zarmaganda, Jos, plateau state.

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To train its students in the following area

1. Livestock farming: the training will last for two (2) weeks. The training will cover all type of livestock farming.

2. ICT the training will last for least (2) two weeks. There are different programme under ICT u can choose for yourself, please.

  • web design
  • Animating
  • Robotic
  • Games and lots more.

3. Fashion design and Tailoring the training will cover all area of sewing. the training will last for three (3) months.

  • Design of clothes
  • Bag and canopy making
  • Making of polo shirts
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4. Liquid soap, Vaseline, baking: the duration of training is within a month.


We hereby inform you that we’re going to start with item number 3 which is FASHION DESIGN (TAILORING)

The interested nangsite should send their details to V.P. via 0708 246 0704 or group chat. The program will hold both in Jos and Pankshin/kanke indicate ur locate please.

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There will be a screening for the participants that is, participant must have update/pay his/her dues as went due and excos must verify the receipt.


For new students, the dues is #1000 and returning students is #500


Announcer Longji Joel Emmanuel

Secretary General




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