Album : JMP Records - This House Is Not For Sale mp3 download + Zip File

Ghetto Confession Ft. Swagmentor, Spintext, Cyrstal and JoshuaTree

Jasalasia (God Almighty)

Keep praying for us sinners

Because we know we are sinners


Show us the right path

Show me the right way

Salasia the Almighty I


I was born in a vicious cycle of a ghetto life

People say I too da fight, I too da fight

People say I too da talk, I too da talk

People say I know da hear, I know da hear word

Okay my guy no be so da mata be

I da duam dat year because I know da retreat

I da boast every where just to stand on my feet

I da duam dat year think say I do succeed

I know no say my guy, I just da back fleet

Now way be say I come realize, realize

I come see say, I don’t soft like ice

I da bust every where I da make dem believe

If a come around da year, waiting be beef

Come around my guy, you go belief

I da bust every where, I da bust

I da para, I de make wack MC’s wonder



Ghetto youth

Dis is my confession

Ghetto youth, ghetto youth

I have a confession

Ghetto youth

Dis is my confession

Ghetto youth, Ghetto youth

I have a confession


I come from a place where your scars mean nothing

Unless you have a bullet proof skin, don’t say nothing

College was my aim, so I had to keep gunning

I’ve seen too many evils, that’s why I keep running

Away from the friends who don’t want to see me make it out

I grew among the snakes, but look at how I make it out

You don’t have to be brave because you were born to take them out

Everything around me is garbage and I need to take them out

I quit smoking spliff because I wanted to live explicitly

In a jungle full of animals with no unity

I’ve seen a brother get shot and buried with no eulogy

Ladies get pregnant before you know they killed a prodigy

Life in the ghetto, you just have to be a metro

Everybody wants power, but only God has the veto

I’ve seen enough pain, that’s why I’m incognito

I confess I was the pawn, when I was supposed to be the hancho





They can’t stop me, they can’t stop me

They can’t stop me, they can’t stop my destiny

They can’t stop my destiny

They can’t stop my destiny

Swagmentor, the musical creator

Swagmentor, music lecturer

Music in him, music in him

It’s natural

JMP records

Josh on the beat



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