Killing & Kidnapping Is Not A New Thing In Nigeria, It’s A Normal Thing” – Pres. Buhari’s SSA, Garba Shehu

People are reporting killings as if it had never happened before – Pres. Buhari’s SSA, Garba Shehu

Special Assitant to President, Garba Shehu, has lamented that the way killings are being reported under the Muhammadu Buhari-administration is like it had never happened before.

Garba Shehu explained that killings had been in existence since forever and President Buhari seems to be a target in the way it is being reported now.

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Speaking in an interview with Channel TV, the presidential aide said,

“Crimes like kidnapping and killings are sad and unfortunate. No responsible government will be happy at things like that. But there’s a media hype also that you can’t deny. I think that there’s a determination by some people to take security as their narrative in 2023 elections. We are sad and not happy that people are killing one another but the way it’s been reported as if it has never happened before.”

If after reading this, you still believe in ONE NIGERIA, I’m so sorry for you. Even a goat will never say something like this. Imagine the thrash a whole Pres. Buhari’s SSA, Garba Shehu is vomiting.

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The funny thing is that, Buhari will never see anything wrong with this silly statement. I bet Garba Shehu won’t be sacked or cautioned. Smh


What’s your take on this?

Killing & Kidnapping Is Not A New Thing In Nigeria, It’s A Normal Thing?”

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