Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time to get things done? You aren’t alone. Most busy people feel that they are lagging in time management. One interesting fact about time is that it is no respecter of persons. No matter who you are, you are bound by the same time just like everyone else. If you don’t put it to good use, you are going to lose it.
Unless you are considering throwing in the towel, your best bet is to figure out the best ways to manage the inadequate time you have. By following some simple rules, you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in such a little time.
5 time-management hacks to boost your productivity

  1. Plan ahead
    Planning is non-negotiable for effective time management. Most people fail because they fail to plan. There’s the misconception that going with the flow and doing as much as you can boosts productivity, but that’s not true. You may end up doing things that are not so important at the expense of the more important ones.

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Ensure that your itinerary for the day is ready the previous night. Planning your activities in the morning of the day is going to stress you out. As you get up from bed, you should already know what you will be doing first. This will give you a sense of control and direction.

  1. Execute important tasks in the morning
    Most people are in their element in the morning. After a long night’s rest, the body is refreshed and supercharged in the morning. This energy makes it easier to carry out tasks that would ordinarily be very difficult.
    Leverage your morning energy by doing the most important tasks for the day at that time. When you have ticked them off your list, you will have no reason to be apprehensive about them. As the day unfolds and you begin to get exhausted, you can manage to execute other tasks that are important but are of less significance.
  2. Visualize and track your progress
    Good time management requires practicality. Having it all figured in your head isn’t enough. There’s the tendency that you will forget some details.
    Write out your schedule. Itemize each task based on priority. Allot execution time for each task. State why it’s important that they are completed within the allotted time. When a task is successfully executed, tick it off the list.
    Visualizing your progress is a mental booster. As you tick of a task, you feel good and excited to tick off the next. Seeing a list of the activities you need to accomplish for the day, the mind adjusts itself to create room for all of them.
  3. Take short breaks
    As much as you need to accomplish so much, you don’t want to run on fume. You should be proud of the work you do, and that’s only possible when you do them well.
    Sometimes, the mind might be willing, but the body is weak. Fatigue is a natural body reaction. If you work for too long at a stretch, you are bound to get tired. Create a schedule for your work. You could decide to work for 1 hour and take a 20-minute break. If this isn’t suitable for you, create one that works for you. The most important thing is that you should take breaks in between your work. These breaks help you to let off steam and recharge. Try not to engage in work-related activities during your break. Just relax or play – It helps to refresh your mental capacity.
  4. Keep distractions at bay
    Distractions are the biggest enemy of managing time effectively. Those few minutes you spend away from your work might seem inconsequential but when you multiply them by the multiple times you get distracted, they could amount to hours.
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    Social media is a big distraction to working people. The temptation to reply that text or check out that post is almost irresistible. Sometimes, you get carried away, forgetting that you have work in front of you. Keep your phone out of sight while working. If it helps, you could make use of your phone during your breaks. Once the break is over, keep it away. Social media will still be there when you finish work, don’t let it make your work suffer.
    When you are able to set your priorities right, you can master the art of time management. There will always be a thousand and one things to do. But the question is, what is most important to you at every point? Identifying that and getting it done leave no room for time-wasting.


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