Independence Day!! Happy 60th Independence Day Nigeria
Independence Day!! Happy 60th Independence Day Nigeria

Nigeria has been a nation bound in peace and unity for 60 years today.

 No matter where we are today

 No matter the kind of leaders we have

 No matter how the state of our economy is

 No matter what the security situation of the country looks like

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 No matter what is wrong with our educational system now

No matter whatever, let all still believe in Nigeria, no country is 100 percent perfect and surely things will get better sooner than we all imagined.

As we live, let’s believe!!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

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  2. 60 years ago, our fore-fathers fought against British colonialism and won. Today, our battle is against hunger, poverty, banditry, kidnapping, insurgency, economic hardship, inferiority complex and the mental prison bars that have limited us.
    I believe there is hope for us, but we must seize the opportunities we have today, to create a better future for our nation. With our gifts of mind and strength of arm, we can change our story.
    May God bless our nation and make her great and strong. May we become a people of hope and courage. May we become Africa’s greatest story. A story that will make us the the pride of our ancestors, and an inspiration to generations yet unborn.


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