After a successful inauguration ceremony of the Unijos SUG executives today, the newly elected President, Comrade Danladi have issued out a briefing, expressing appreciation and highlighting some key projects him and his tram intend carrying out..!

Below is the full press release


The Vice chancellor, the Dean of student affairs, various faculty Deans, Members of the senate, Honorable commissioners present, the Utu Ugo Kiche, Special guest and all distinguish personalities present.

Great Jossites!

It is indeed true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and although today is quite a milestone in my life and a landmark for Jossites as a new leadership of the student union government is being inaugurated into office today, I wish to boldly say that the “Re-engineering the union” mandate has not reached its final destination but the mission is underway, in progress and is enroute to it’s fulfillment.

That message of Re-engineering The Union is a message of hope and grace. A message of faith and believe. A message filled with deep conviction that with the right approach anything is possible.

Today I am here, together with my excos, humbled by the task before us, thankful for the trust reposed in me to be your SUG president, mindful of the sacrifices, the failures and successes of those who have held this position before me, I am committed to learning from their mistakes and completing the huddle they left behind. I am grateful to the school management and the electoral empire for what has been adjudged to be a free, peaceful, fair and credible election.

Today, I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. Everywhere you look there is lot of work to be done. From our academics to our accommodation and welfare, the work is enormous. But I am passionately optimistic that just as the university of Jos is undergoing a wholistic revival under the leadership of Prof. Sebastin Maimako the student union government will receive it’s resurgence. These won’t be met in a short time, but I assure you all my fellow students that our needs will be met. We will create programs geared towards advancing the capacity of Jossites. As a team we will work tirelessly and make sacrifices to ensure that in the end, jossites will believe that Joshua has indeed led them into the promise land.

I have so much faith and believe in my excos and I believe in the innovative and creative spirit I have seen demonstrated in all of us during the campaign period. Our capabilities and capacities to deliver diligently on our mandate is undiminished and sacrosanct, and so, beginning from today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the task ahead of us.

We are all aware that two captains cannot steer a ship. And so we all cannot be president of this Union at the same time. And so I once again extend my hands of partnership in brotherhood to my brothers Andy Yakubu and Dusu Timothy whom I contested the election against. Your spirit of sportmanship is exemplary and commendable. I plead that you reach out to me where it will be beneficial to the interest of Jossites. I promise to run an all inclusive and open door policy where constructive criticisms are welcome. Thank you

_God bless University of Jos
_God bless Plateau state
_God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria
_viva Aluta!

Thank you!

Danladi Joshua Adankala
SUG president, Unijos.


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