Christmas is just a few days away. Unless you are living under a rock, you must be feeling the Christmas fever in your location – the shining lights, decorations, jingles on radio and TV, and the cheerful mood of people around you. If you are single, it’s an opportunity for you to find a date this holiday.

It’s all fun until you are in spaces filled with couples who can’t seem to get enough Public Display of Affection (PDA), and you are all by yourself.  With so many people available in town, and most of them being cheerful, this is your chance to get hooked.

5 tips to finding a date during the holiday

1.   Make a public announcement about your single status

Well, you don’t necessarily have to climb the rooftop, and announce to the world that you are single. But, you need to let those around you know.

The holiday is a time when people travel home. Your friends or colleagues might have a cool brother, sister or friend visiting. If they are aware that you are single and ready to mingle, they will be happy to introduce you.

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2.   Attend lots of events

Going out can be a lot of work for some of us. We’d rather sit at home and count the ceiling boxes than step out.

But it gets tiring.

If you really want to be in a relationship, you need to make the effort to go out, especially during this festive season. There are lots of events happening. You have probably been invited to some. You know what? Your soulmate might be attending. How do you expect to meet him/her if you don’t show up?

3.   Mix and mingle

Simply showing up at an event will not automatically get you a date. Even if you are the most attractive person in the room, people may not approach you if you don’t make yourself available.

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Don’t hide in a corner, or follow your friends everywhere. Step out on your own. Get in the midst of new faces. There’s no rule that says you must be approached. If you see someone you like, approach them. Make conversation by talking about the event.

4.   Shoot your shot at your crush

Is there someone you are crushing on, but don’t know how to express yourself to? This is a great time to shoot your shot.

Gifting is a Christmas tradition. It’s an expression of the love of Christ. Get your crush a present they’ll appreciate. Do a little research to find out what they like. This is not another regular Christmas present, so don’t hand it to them just like that. If you can, invite the person out. And when everything is moving smoothly, give him/her the present. Don’t forget to say something sweet.

If there’s no chance to go out together, attach a sweet note to the present, letting them know how much you care.

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5.   Change location

If there’s very little or no chance of you meeting someone in your location, you should consider going somewhere else this holiday.

If you are not a fan of long-distance relationships, traveling out of town might be counterproductive. Do you have family or friends in your city? Go spend the holiday with them. While there, tag along with them to their holiday outings. You automatically get to meet their friends and friends of their friends.

Don’t be uptight. Be cheerful in your interactions. If the relationship subject comes up in your conversations, state that you are single and ready to meet someone.


If you follow these instructions, you are sure to find a date this holiday. While at it, remember to rock some Christmas dressing ideas. Humans are more drawn to those who make an effort to look their best. After all, one needs to find the box attractive before opening it.


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