All the Plateau State commissioners headed by Hon. Yakubu Dati were at the residence of the Plateau State APC gubernatorial running mate, Hon. Pam Bot-Mang to rejoice with him on his emergence as the running mate to Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda.

In his speech, the leader of the team of Commissioners acknowledged that Hon. Pamโ€™s selection never came to them as a surprise because aside his profile of integrity, his administrative brilliance, and his contemporary foresight, his antecedence and leadership style has been admired by many and it is indeed what plateau state needed for its progress.

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After presenting him with a congratulatory card, the team of commissioners emphasized that Hon. Pam Bot-Mangโ€™s emergence is a victory to them all and for that reason they will put in their minds, bodies and souls in making sure that APC emerged victorious in 2023 general election.

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While responding to his colleagues after receiving their gifts, Hon. Pam Bot-Mang appreciated them for their kindness and support. He also thanked them for always being a family to him and assured them that the hope and trust they have in him will not go in vain. Hon. Bot-Mang also insisted that the togetherness that existed among the Plateau state commissioners was one of his strongest hope towards winning the 2023 elections.

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