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Ignore any grammatical errors please. I will make it concise.

My girlfriend visited me 20th December 2018 and we had unprotected s*x.  Base on what she told me about her menstrual cycle, her ovulation period falls within the date.

Before she left my crib early January she has started menstruating which came 4 days earlier than usual. Exactly a month she called that she has not seen her period. My concern is am I truly responsible for it?

Considering the fact that she started her menstrual period before leaving my crib, even though I know semen can survive for 5 days in the reproductive tract of a lady but even at that her ovulation can’t take place immediately which makes such chances slim.

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Medical experts in the house can a lady get pregnant and still experience heavy flow of menses? My understanding is even if it occurs it comes light.

My reasons for seeking public/experts opinions:

I will soon travel so I would like to travel together with her if there’s chances of me being responsible for it because I don’t want her to suffer.

As no DNA test can be carried out at this stage, I don’t want to take responsibility and at the end the pregnancy is not mine.

Thanks in anticipation for your inputs.

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