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#FvckYouChallenge: NI (Niffty Icon) Fuck you freestyle (KizZ Daniel Cover)

NI Niffty Icon
NI (Niffty Icon) 

Kizz Daniel’s new single has gotten everyone singing along.

Kizz Daniel opened the year with the single, ‘Fvck You’ and it is no surprise to see that celebrities alongside his fans have caught the bug of the infectious song.

With the social media age, platforms like Twitter and Instagram has aided a more direct form of sharing music, encouraging fans to be able to communicate with their favorite acts, majority of which have been smart enough to turn this into a promotion vehicle.

While some kick-start dance challenges or do giveaways, others simply call on their followers to send in versions of themselves rendering their songs and it is the latter that Kizz Daniel has adopted but more special is how his fellow industry colleagues have also taken to the act.

NI (Niffty Icon)  has blessed the ‘Fvck You’ challenge with his typical bars as he expresses his pains at his girl who had turned one for the entire industry.

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