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It is no longer news that a case of corona virus has been confirmed in Nigeria.

All thanks to one Italian man who brought it to our country.

Now, Nigerians will have to start exhibiting some funny lifestyles just to survive the outbreak.

Here Are 5 Funny Lifestyle Changes Nigerians Will Adopt As Corona Virus Hits The Country:-

1. Everyone Will Become Chloro-quine Addict

Just because some experts have said Chloro-quine can cure corona virus, some people will start over-using it as if their lives depend on it.

Boys go dey smoke choloroquine now 😂

Alaye jor jor jor, abeg help me carry risla wrap that choloroquine make I smoke. Na corona season we dey😂

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2. Ekiti & Abeokuta People Will Start Bathing With Salt And Water

I trust my Ekiti and Abeokuta people, they will start bathing with salt and water.

Iya bisi, e fi omi at iyo we oo, corona wa n ta oo 😂

God no go shame us oo.

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3. This Is How People Run When Someone Around Sneeze

Experts said corona virus can be contacted if someone infected sneeze without properly covering mouth.

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Guess what will happen when someone start sneezing in gathering of people?

Everybody go japa 😂

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4. My Anambra People Won’t Trust Face Mask Alone

Nwanne my Igbo brothers no go fit trust this face mask alone oo.

Make I see how corona wan enter if nylon don cover body.

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5. How Boys Will Be Greeting Themselves Now

Shaking hands is the fastest way to contact corona virus.

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Guess, the alternative to greeting now? Na leg oo 😂

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The fear of Coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom

Do You Agree With This List?

What Other Funny Ways Do You Think Nigerians Will Prevent Corona Virus?

Drop your comments

Do you find Lumidys Blog NG useful? Click here to give us five stars rating!


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