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Makeup is not a recent invention; women and men wore makeup in ancient cultures, such as Egypt. While the use of cosmetics has changed over the centuries, today in societies the world over, women are the main buyers and users of makeup. They never get tired of wearing beautiful makeup. According to them, some women cannot imagine facing the day without makeup on their faces. In extreme cases, women won’t allow anyone to see them without their faces made up for the day, including their own
Nigerian makeup industry has been evolving for the past 20 years. The development of the industry has led to the propagation of makeup schools all over Nigeria. Today you can find lots of makeup schools in Lagos. Lagos is the city of the best makeup schools in Nigeria. Back in the days, makeup was serious business, almost a do or die affair strictly for the elite.

The Nigerian beauty and personal care market is experiencing rapid and dynamic growth, providing lucrative opportunities for beauty businesses from around the region and beyond. The market is currently worth an estimated US$3 billion, according to Euromonitor International, and its value is likely to rise to keep pace, with an increasing number of working women with disposable income as well as sophisticated youth searching for new ways to care for and present themselves.
Strong population growth – particularly of the young, urban, and female populations – means beauty and personal care in Nigeria has plenty of scope for growth, especially in terms of exciting, new products. As part of the nation’s fast-growing middle class, young people are becoming more westernized through media exposure, and are expected to drive demand over the forecast period. (Euromonitor)

According to Kosmetica World, Nigeria has become a destination of choice for investment by international companies that aim to seize the opportunities presented by the beauty and personal care markets. This is due to the expected population growth and an impressive positive performance by beauty and care products.
Sub-Saharan Africa currently accounts for 3% of global beauty products sales but that share is expected to grow at double the rate of the market.
Lagos is the city of the best makeup schools in Nigeria like House of Tara, Makeup Designory , Zaron make up school, the unveil institute, BM Pro and others. Alongside some of the most popular indigenous Nigerian Makeup brands making waves in the industry right now like House of Tara makeup, Hush beauty, Yanga beauty, Zikel cosmetics, Hegai and Esther, Nuban beauty, Zaron cosmetics, TAOS beauty brands.

Makeup artistry is big business here with studios being filled to the brim with willing customers all waiting to be transformed by these blessed hands. They are the people who get us all glammed up for our weddings, events and owambes and here’s the definitive list of some of the best make-up artist in Nigeria, Anita brows, Joyce Jacob Beauty, Doranne Beauty, Flawless Faces by Jane, Bregha Beauty, Jide of St. Ola, Dazeita, D’artiste By Dodos, Tennycoco, Bibyonce, and many others. Every years of the best MUA list has been judged based on popularity, social media presence, relevance and overall impact on the industry as a whole, with the industry auspicious and optimistic with new young emerging talents, the Nigerian cosmetics industry is filled with bright prospect for the future.

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