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I lived for deadlines. Even if I had enough time to finish up the work I had to do, I still

waited till the very last minute. Soon, even when the deadline was grinning at me, I didn’t get anything done because I felt unmotivated to do it.Laundry piled up, projects to be completed, and much more. I did this till the workload felt like a mountain and overworked myself when I had the sudden burst of energy.
This became a problem. I sought help and the universe answered. I stumbled occasionally on pointers, I could have linked this article to these pointers I found but I was too foolish then to know I was going to write this one day.
So, without further much ado, here are a few things I do now when there’s no motivation to do anything.

  • Do

You might have heard this before. While you’re laying down, probably on your back or side, pressing phone or not doing anything at all, make a mental list and pick out the most demanding work you have at hand, after that, break this job down to the steps you have to do to accomplish them and pick the part you feel the most motivated to do. Start from there

  • Sleep.

Sleeping is the solution to a lot of our problems. Sometimes I wish it were the solution to all our problems.

Sleep a little, rest that mind of yours and prepare it for the task ahead. Sometimes it could not be the lack of motivation but tiredness.

  • Read.

Picture this, you’re sitting with a bunch of things to do or laying down no will to stand. You’re with your phone. Find an e-book online and get reading. If you’re not willing to pay for it, there are many free e-books out there. Or, you could get a hard copy and read away.

  • Talk to someone.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great conversation. If it’s someone you trust, you could even go over the things you have to do with the person. Now, you’re not seeking help, but if mentally listing these things in your head feels tiresome, say them out loud, you’ll help yourself think in the process. If you’re not talking about your tasks, simply chattering away can distract you and relax you. Sometimes too, it could be fear that the task is too daunting that’s keeping you from starting.
Please note, I said talk not chat. An actual conversation works better.Get motivated. You can do it.

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