#Justice4AutoLady: FCDA and Other Security Operatives Assaults Female Mechanic in Abuja
#Justice4AutoLady: FCDA and Other Security Operatives Assaults Female Mechanic in Abuja

The Federal Capital Development Authority in collaboration with officers from the Civil Defence, Tax Force, DSS, V.I.O amongst other security operatives assaulted the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AutoLady Synergy, Joyce Adams Daser, her staff and as well demolished part of her workshop on Thursday in Abuja.

According to a Facebook post on Joyce’s personal handle, the security operatives demolished the workshop after they reportedly forced their way in,slapped her employees and beat her up before they began their mission of razing down the place. All efforts to halt them remained futile.

Our correspondent gathered that the workshop was built in a residential area nevertheless the neighbouring mechanic workshops in the same area were not razed down.

#Justice4AutoLady: FCDA and Other Security Operatives Assaults Female Mechanic in Abuja
#Justice4AutoLady: FCDA and Other Security Operatives Assaults Female Mechanic in Abuja

Read her Facebook post below:

If you’re a Woman and a Nigerian and you don’t see the need to cry out for this injustice and assault, then I don’t know when we will be ready to standup for each equally”.

I am with a heavy heart😭😭


Yesterday afternoon, at about 3:15pm, I was getting ready to leave for Female Entrepreneurship and Employment Network Int’l (FEENI) INT’L WOMEN’S DAY 2020 EVENT.

Immediately, i saw 3 Hilux parked in front of my workshop with Men from Development Control and FCDA to survey a building opposite us not knowing it was our workshop they were actually targeting and they left.

But few minutes later, I saw an Hiab in VIO colour Parked in front of our gate and another behind it, then 3 bulldozer and started seeing different Hilux with men from Civil Defence, Tax Force, SSS, V.I.O, The Nigeria Police and others without uniform they were more than 100.

They forced their way in, slapped my employees, beat me and began destroying my workshop, towed away Six (6) customer’s, Vehicles and all effort to make them stop was futile. They didn’t stop until they destroyed a large part of my workshop and almost injured a woman and her child.

Everything I have worked for years was brought down in less than an 30 minutes.

My 7-year old daughter who just returned from school with her sisters started crying and was asking me that “Mummy are the going to kill us”?

I was crying and said no, She asked again, did they Shoot you ?

Unfortunately, other mechanic garages around were left untouched

Is this what a women who is encouraging other women through her capacity training in automotive and create employment opportunities to eradicate social vices should received rather than been encouraged ?

This is what I get for Creating Jobs for Nigerian Youth, this is what I get for Empowering Women to be Self Reliance all in the name of the place is not designed for Mechanic workshop except Residential, Will I build and live a comfortable life when I don’t have a Job?

Will I build on my Land when Nigeria youth are Suffering?

Thank you FCT for Distroying what I have laboured for.

Thank you Nigeria Government for taking back the grant you gave me to Establish my business.

Thank you for bringing me back to Zero.

Thank you for sending us back home.

Thank you for beating me up for being a female Mechanic and an Entrepreneur.

I am calling the attention of the Nigerians to this Injustice.’

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    • Is this how the next level of our country is going be?how do u expect the country to move forward for goodness sake demolishing a lady’s machanic work shop sending those ladies back to the street, it not fear

  2. And she training 30 females for free…
    Just to give them a means of livelihood and to reduce the tendency of them going into prostitution or other vices. This act by govt is unacceptable and must be rejected by all Nigerians


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