The Kadung people of Pankshin LGA, Plateau State

See Brief history of The Kadung People of Pankshin Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria


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Kadung district is found in Pankshin Local Government area of Plateau State. It is bounded in the west fier of district of Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau state. In the northern end, it is bounded by Gindiri district of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State. In the southern and eastern ends, it is bounded by Kabwir District of Kanke Local Government of plateau state and Tabshin District of Tafawa Balewa Local Government area of Bauchi State.

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Kadung land is predominantly occupied by the Kadung speaking ethnic group. A fraction of the population, however, comprises other ethnic groups such as the Ngas, Pyem, and Mwaghawul. Other who came during the colonial and post-colonial period are the Fulani’s, Igbo’s, Yoruba’s, Jarawa’s and Hausa’s who came and settled either as pastoralist or traders. Today, there are government workers of various ethnic groups. Some of these settlers are now permanently settled in Kadung land in house they have built and have intermingled with the people.

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    The Kadung people, who are predominantly found in Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State, have a very interesting tradition of origin. The origin of this people like those of many African societies is surrounded in myths and legends and therefore, a great part of it is lost in obscurity. Of what is known to us about their history of origin, there are several traditions, which are examined below.
    One tradition of origin linked with Kadung people states that they originate from the Nile valley in Egypt. According to this legend, they migrated from Egypt due to hostility of the Nubians who were the neighbours over agricultural farmlands. It further alleges that population explosion around the Nile valley also occasioned their migration. The area around the Nile valley was alleged to be fertile and as such, continued to witness mass influx of emigrants from far and near for agricultural purposes. These problems, according to the legend, forced them to migrate and settled at Kanem Borno.

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