As of the time of dropping this song, 6th June 2020, Nigeria has recorded over 11,844 cases of Coronavirus of which over 3,696 of these patients have been discharged.
Following the number of cases recorded every day by Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC), yet patients who have tested positive for this virus are seen in viral videos online dancing, eating chicken, sometimes they even go on a protest when their drinks are finished.
This is unlike other countries that positive coronavirus patients battle to breathe even with the help of ventilators yet things seem to be different in Nigeria.
Some people are beginning to doubt if really there is actually the Coronavirus in Nigeria. Bueze Worldwidefrontline Artist, De Jeac comes up with a comic song, asking funny questions relating to the case of coronavirus in Nigeria.
He titled it, CORONA PATIENTS.
Listen and Comment Below;
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